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I love life but I don’t enjoy it the fullest anymore… and that has to change!  If Covid19 has taught us nothing else, it has certainly taught us that life has meaning and WE define what it means to us, and to some degree, those around us.  


The 1 Who Got Away may sound like a long lost boo who I’ve been trolling on Facebook, hoping he has a big gut (LOL)!!  But it’s not.  The 1 Who Got Away is ME.  I used to be FABULOUS but I’ve let some of the best parts of my magic fade, and get buried in life, responsibilities, worries and what the “they” committee feels I’m too old or too whatever for.


And I know I’m not alone.  So let’s unpack that, share some slam poetry in the process (you’ll see) and help each other up level our commitment to ourselves.  Only when we are at our best can we impart our true magical genius to others. 


Here’s to living your Legacy NOW… now LET’S GO!






Reclaim Your Journey

Be Intentional 

Recapturing Yourself